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About Free Your Body

Free Your Body Therapy have highly qualified Sports Therapists in King’s Lynn, highly respected in the Movement Therapy community; having trained under the best in the World. Specialising in rehabilitation, lower back care and movement therapy. Helping people achieve their specific fitness goals through a blend of Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex (PDTR) Therapy, Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT), Anatomy In Motion (AiM), Soft Tissue Massage, Mobilisation and Manipulation, as well as Postural advice with exercises that are adapted to suit the individuals requirements.

Sessions are very much focused on the individual and returning them to their normal activities pain free as soon as possible. Using these methods we are able to use both detailed anatomy and pain of the body to establish what the body needs due to inhibited muscles. We are then able to reactivate these muscles using muscle testing and functional movement, thus enabling the body to move pain free and back to peak performance.

Free Your Body Therapy prides itself on ensuring fees remain affordable aiming to achieve results in minimum time with your help. Our main practice is conveniently open 5 days a week (including late evenings) and easily accessible in the centre of King’s Lynn with free parking.

The body is complex and sensitive to the smallest of changes. We have a huge knowledge of how the body works and responds to the training or events people do. By undertaking a full case history, a thorough examination and testing on your Initial Consultation, Free Your Body provide a hands on treatment, plus provide tailored advice to help prevent further recurrences. By using a wide range of techniques, Free Your Body Therapy aims to treat your pain and improve your condition as quickly as possible.